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Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center is a 100-bed facility dedicated to serving the needs of our community’s mental health consumers. We offer all of our patients and families healthcare services that are consistently crisis responsive, empowering and respectful, and promote and sustain recovery.

A New Day at Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center

Free 24/7 Assessments

A crisis can occur at any time, 24 hours a day. Our intake department is available to help you in your time of crisis. We can also provide community resources and information for many mental health and substance abuse issues.


Are you thinking about a career in mental health? Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center offers a variety of experiences in the psychiatric and substance abuse field…and we are looking for responsible, dependable individuals!


Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center is proud to offer the Professional Forum Series. Join the clinical community each month for a 2-hour seminar on selected topics in mental health and substance abuse.