Substance Abuse Day Treatment Program and Mental Health Program

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center offers 2 tracks in the Day Treatment setting.  Each program occurs Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.  We offer the Substance Abuse Treatment Program and Mental Health Program.

Each patient will be seen by a psychiatrist, a medical doctor, a nurse and a Social Worker.  Most managed care / insurance companies accepted and self-pay rates are available.

We offer our patients a holistic approach to recovery, including psycho-social educational groups, creative expression groups, and cognitive behavioral groups to help them incorporate the mind, body, and soul connection. Treatment consists of multiple treatment modalities (individual counseling, group counseling, education groups, family counseling and physician oversight) provided in a coordinated manner to achieve short-term stabilization of immediate crises.

Day Treatment Programs are designed as an alternative to hospitalization. Patients may be enrolled directly into the program to deal with their addiction, dual diagnosis, or mental health issues or they may be “stepped down” from a hospital setting to facilitate the quickest return to the home setting. Day Treatment Programs offers all of the program intensity of acute inpatient care without having to stay in the hospital overnight.

Day Treatment Program Requirements include:

  • Patient requires level of care to reduce risk of hospitalization
  • Patient is free from self harm, harm to others
  • Patient can tolerate level of care and program demands (9 to 3pm Monday through Friday)
  • Patient can handle their own self care and medications
  • Patient is mentally able to participate in cognitive based interventions

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Together we can help people live successful lives.