Depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and a host of other mental illnesses can make everyday activities such as working, taking care of your family, or sometimes simply taking a shower and readying yourself for the day seem like insurmountable tasks.

This program is designed to therapeutically address the patient’s current emotional crisis while focusing on their inability to achieve autonomy. The focus of treatment is on providing reparative help through cognitive psychotherapy, aggressive pharmacotherapy, and problem solving groups that are carried out within the limits of a well-structured, predictable therapeutic environment.

Whether your problems involve a feeling of overwhelming hopelessness and exhaustion, that might indicate depression, or significant anxiety and panic, that might indicate a possible anxiety disorder, it’s time to ask for help. Until you seek the assistance of experts, such as our multidisciplinary team, you may not feel much better.

Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes board certified psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, licensed social workers, case managers, and milieu and activity therapists. The Team at Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center understands your concerns, symptoms and problems and is dedicated to providing you with the most effective mental health care possible in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

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