When alcohol or drug dependency introduces another complicating problem, we offer dual diagnosis treatment.

This Dual Diagnosis program is designed for acute treatment of patients with emotional and substance abuse disorders. We provide a safe environment to stabilize and treat withdrawal and dual diagnosis issues while preparing the patient for the recovery process.  The focus of treatment is on the patient’s acute symptoms, strengthening of internal and external support systems, and providing a basic understanding of underlying psychopathology and addictive components.


The Detox program is designed to provide a safe environment for achieving medical detoxification from drugs and alcohol.  The setting is a 12-step model with a focus on medical management, introduction to the disease process, and transition into the next most appropriate level of care.

Millions of Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, psychiatric disorders, or sometimes both. If you are ready to take control of your addiction or help a loved one take control, call us at 757-496-3500.

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